225 Congress Ave, Pacific Grove, Ca.
Ca. License # B 349605
Edmonds Design & Construction
This was a year long effort to create an unusual, and
artistic remodel of an oceanfront condominium-2016
The owner purchased this condo on Monterey Bay, Ca. The unit is located about 40' above sea
level on a rock outcropping. The existing space was early 1960's cheap and dated. First I created
plans and worked with the owner to design a more livable and dramatic space.  I wanted the existing
ocean view doors to be 8' tall rather than the 6'8" existing.  I also felt it important to be able to see
from the front door through the kitchen, through the back doors, and out to the ocean.
Entry before remodel
Existing doors/ walls/ ceiling
Existing Entry Corridor
Entry with wall being removed
Frame Barrel Vault Ceiling at entry
New Marvin 8' doors install
New Marvin 8' doors installed
Progress Barrel Vault Ceiling
Final Entry Hall
Ceiling bays were painted to look like undersea
kelp. The perimeter trims were lined with LCD
4000K strip lighting controlled with dimmers. Very
stunning ceiling effect.
Existing beams were accented
with false beams.  Detailed
moldings were added to the
ceiling bays.  
Beamed ceiling, LED lighting, 8' Marvin sliding doors.
Floors are all wood look tiles with NuHeat electric
heating throughout
Kitchen Cabinets, 2 colors, Pearl tile backsplash, nautical
porthole mirro
KItchen with curved bar, all tile floors. Stained hardwood barrel
vault. Beams are well lit with LED 4000K strip lights.
Master Bedroom fireplace BEFORE
Master Bedroom fireplace BEFORE
Master Bedroom Fireplace After
Chrome Pressed Tile Ceiling with skylight
Rusted Tin Ceiling in office
Nu Heat cable floor heating under tile
Curved Counter at entry wall