Pacific Grove, Ca. 93950
Ca. License # B 349605
Edmonds Design & Construction
We Built this guest house next to our 1904 Victorian. The original lot is 60' by 60'.  The
old house was built on a 30' by 60' we had the room for an additional,
smaller, unit. Housing is tight in California, (and other places).  We are encouraged by
the State to build smaller, guest houses on properties, especially in walkable towns
and cities. We eventually were able to get a permit for the construction of this
Accessory Dwelling Unit...ADU. I built it and rented it in 2018.
Here is the cleard lot suiteable for the ADU
This is the Chief Architect 3-D view of the to be built ADU
In Pacific Grove, and most cities, there are many large lots and properties where a 2nd or 3rd unit would be viable and desirable. Virtually all of these properties are in existing
towns and cities, and are close to downtowns and with amenities close by. There are many people who wish to live smaller, that is, to live without a great deal of material
acquisition. This idea has come about in response to the building of bigger and bigger homes in the suburbs, and our unlimited appetite for more and more consumer “products”.  
I’m building a 480 SF guest house on my property in Pacific Grove, Ca. The biggest hurdle in getting  a permit here is the water usage credits. California is a very dry state,
mostly,  and due to global warming and/or climate change we are in drought conditions.  Water is very precious and we need to conserve wherever possible.  Every property has
a given amount of water allotted to it, determined by the last MPWMD water inspection.  Yes, after every title transfer there is an inspection of the water fixtures in your property,
and you will find it nearly impossible to get additional credits.  The only exception is: for a one bathroom home, you will be allowed to add a second bath, (Costs $1000.00 for the
permit). Water is a BIG deal here, as we only have one source which is the Carmel River.
So, I had extra water credits when I bought my 2 bathroom home in 2008. In fact I had enough to add a whole other bath and kitchen sink!  Lucky for me…BUT for the last 10
years, because of highly restrictive permit conditions, (off street parking, among other things), I could not obtain a permit from the City of Pacific Grove.  
The State of California passed a law beginning 1/1/2017, that encourages all municipalities in the state to allow “mother-in-law” units to be built on existing properties.  As a result,
Pacific Grove, did allow this unit to be built.  Of course the building permit did include everything required for a brand new home. Including all electrical circuits to be AFCI combo
GFCI breakers,  a continuous low speed ventilation system operating at all times, upgraded Title 24 energy requirements, etc, etc.  The full extent of the building requirements for
a new home in California is a subject for an article of its own.   
I have a 60’ by 60’ lot, with a 1900 SF historic home built in 1904 on one side, so I have a 30’ by 60’ side which could easily accept a guest house. I decided to build on a
reinforced and insulated concrete slab. We laid out the footprint and dug up the property to install the underground sewer lines all in January 2018.  I finished construction in the
summer of 2018..
Forming the Slab:  Here is the perimeter form for the slab on grade foundation.  The house will be built on a slab on grade with a layer of: insulation, vapor barrier, sand, ½” rebar
reinforcing (engineered for earthquakes). Also there will be anchor bolts for the wall plates, and for the Simpson shear walls. There is lots of dirt to be hauled away…
4" rigid insulation under slab.
#4 Rebar at 24" o.c. It was sometimes difficult to keep the
insulation from floating to the surface of the concrete.
Slab on Grade forming.
Floor Plan for ADU and main house.
Wall Framing Starts.
Roof Framing.
Entry to Living
Entry to Kitchen/Hallway to Bedroom/View of Loft
Kitchen Refer/sink/Stove/
glass Shelves
LivingRoomFireplace & TV
480 SF
Living Room Entry
Loft View
All Heart Redwood Boards for Board &
Batten Siding