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This project was the renovation of a greenhouse built in the 1960's. It had deterioriated with age, and needed structural
work as well as new roof panels, wall panels, and doors. The floor was colored concrete from 1960 and was in good
shape, but needed cleaning & sealing.  This greenhouse is at the rear of a home, on the Pacific Ocean in Pacific Grove,
Ca.  Since it is often cooler on the ocean side, the greenhouse is a great place to get warmed up, and holds the heat for
plants very well.  It was completed in June of 2009.
Solar panels/greenhouse roof AFTER
Existing fiberglass panel roof/ damaged framing
Repaired framing-new Palram polycarbonate panels
Existing rear view-Main support column has no concrete base
AFTER rear view-Column has new concrete pier/ roof framing is now
repaired and replaced using joist hangers. New polycarbonate roof,
painting, new doors, cleaned & sealed conrete slab.
Greenhouse roof framing, with repairs/replacements & joist hangers
Wall polycarbonate panels repaired with new redwood framig
Repaired framing-new Palram polycarbonate panels,new paint.
  • Solar panels on
    main roof
  • new greenhouse
    roof in the
  • Electricity from the
    sun, and better
    plant growth using
    a solar enclosure
    for warmth and
Panorama of the new greenhouse (open in the back for ventilation)