Edmonds Design & Construction
225 Congress Ave, Pacific Grove, Ca.
Ca. License # B 349605
New Floor Below
  • The challenge was to save the
    existing 2-story 1890’s historical
    home with no foundation.
  • Since raising the house for a new
    foundation was necessary, we
    decided to raise it up enough for a
    2nd floor, about 8’6”.
  • A new, commercial space would be
    built down below, with sidewalk
    handicap access to the 1st floor.
  • The most difficult aspect of the job
    was the work to be done
    underneath the looming structure
  • Excavation, forming and pouring
    concrete, as well as all the framing
    had to occur while the house sat
    on cribs.
Digging underneath the structure
People risking their lives!
Ready to pour the slab!
Jeff & Mr. Curotto nearly complete
Today it  is the Cottage Vet Clinic
Complete reconstruction and re-use of an historic
property over 100 years old.
172 16th St, Pacific Grove, Ca.