225 Congress Ave, Pacific Grove, Ca.
Ca. License # B 349605
Edmonds Design & Construction
  • An existing basement room was partitioned off for a 10 x 14 wine
  • First, the floor structure had to be re-supported and strengthened
    in order to support the weight of 3,000 bottles of wine.
  • The walls needed to be super insulated, and a vapor barrier
    created for proper humidity retention.
  • The ceiling was to be an oval egg shaped form, and then plastered
    with a rough finish. In the center of the ceiling is the room air
    conditioner and humidistat.
  • The floor is 12” x 12” ceramic tiles.
  • All wine rack construction, including cabinets and drawers are  
    clear, all heart dry redwood.
  • Lighting is recessed at the perimeter along with decorative surface
    fixtures in the center.
  • The custom made oak door took the longest lead time, taking 10
    weeks, and was installed after all other work had been completed.
The ceiling which is
partially egg shaped,
contains a humidistat and
air conditioner for keeping
wine bottles at a constant
temperature and humidity.
Oak Door & Stained glass window.